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Environmental Policy


The purpose of this document is to provide direction to maintain and continually improve Around The Clock Plumbing’s environmental performance.

This policy applies to Around The Clock Plumbing, and must be adhered to by all employees, contractors, and other workers.


Around The Clock Plumbing is committed to protecting the environment and continually seeking to implement innovative measures to improve environmental outcomes for the community.


Around The Clock Plumbing is committed to:

​Preventing, minimising and controlling significant environmental impacts resulting from our activities;

  • Seeking opportunities to further reduce environmental impacts on air, water, land and living organisms;


  • Decreasing our usage of energy, water and other materials and substances, maximising resource efficiency and minimising the creation of waste, pollution and emission discharges;


  • Valuing, protecting, maintaining and enhancing natural (e.g. threatened species, waterways), cultural and heritage assets within our operating area;


  • Considering the long-term impacts of climate change, building resilience into our assets and associated operations to safeguard investments for future generations;


  • Seeking scientific data to quantify environmental costs and benefits and consider customer and community views in our business decisions;


  • Educating our staff, contractors and customers on environmental issues, encouraging behaviors that deliver improved environmental outcomes;


  • Complying with all regulatory obligations and contribute to the development of public policy and regulation, while driving innovation to provide improved customer and community outcomes.

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